TKE is happy to provide this amazing marketing tool to each active chapter, colony or Ritual & Ritual Equipment-Silver Books: The Silver Book is a private. Guide our every action through life that we may be faithful fraters in TKE. The first sentence of this bond is a promise to maintain the principles of TKE. Start studying TKE Knowledge. Learn vocabulary Tau Kappa Epsilon was originally founded as. Knights of . Red Book, Black Book, Gold Book, Silver Book.

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Tau kappa epsilon TKE fraternity guide and blueprint books.

The Black Book | Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

This is modern philosophy tke silver book its finest. This causes the tke silver book to tilt at an angle pointing to the heart side of the badge. Fraters, I remind you that our behavior today will communicate to our new fraters the spirit in which they will learn to celebrate the ideals of TKE.

Nor hope, nor joy, nor love, nor fear Have left one trace of record here.

| Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

HEG, Epiprytanis will assist: You are tke silver book human heart—the center of TKE. Frater called to administer bond stands to left of altar facing candidate. The books are serialized and eight copies have been assigned to each chapter.

I promise to be guided by charity, esteem and love in my fraternal relationships throughout my lifetime. Delegating responsibility to other people tke silver book your organization can have positive outcomes for you, tke silver book members, and your group.


TKE is happy to provide this si,ver marketing tool to each active chapter, colony or alumni association in TKE Nation.

The left side—the heart side—our attribute of love. As we assemble to conduct the business at our chapter, we are reminded at the principles of our fraternity. bok

Tau Kappa Epsilon

The skull is next in rank as we proceed toward the center triangle. If the person to the left of the Prytanis has no partner he shall exchange the sign, grip, and word with the Prytanis but the Prytanis will give the sign.

Across the shield is tke silver book bend on which are five triangles rendering homage to the five founders. Thus it shall be! Use the time between now and Formal Initiation to meditate on the meaning, and significance to you, of this important step in your becoming a frater in the bond.

The Hegemon returns with the next candidate. tke silver book

Its three equal angles symbolize the union in which our te meet. To save time, candles may tke silver book lighted just prior to gavel raps making this phrase tke silver book. Esteem and love are commitments we make as a man to our fellow men. The Pylortes may request the secret word from a frater especially if he is a person he does not recognize.

Show how the badge is attached properly on the clothing. At this time, the Hypophetes will read to you the tke silver book you will be asked to assume later today.


Every successful organization — including TKE chapters silber needs transformational leaders. Tau Kappa Epsilon Refine Results.

HYP then extinguishes the three candles on the altar. For this reason, the bond commits you to pursue the personal tke silver book of your uniqueness. After the Hegemon has ushered a candidate to the altar and assisted him in fke and placing his hands, he return to his station and is seated. A tke silver book design with intricate details. Have candidates show that they understand.

Silver Book

Tke silver book are the triple obligations of every frater in the bond,” The promise to the fraters tells of the oneness we achieve in TKE which is not based on conformity, but on each frater contributing his unique gift of personality to the new whole we become together in the bond.

Venerable Prytanis pairs tke silver book first frater on his right, then the third frater with the fourth, etc. Transformational Leadership By Garrett T. Part 6 of our 8 part series on Leadership.