DEW POINT TEMPERATURE – °F. Chart by: HANDS DOWN SOFTWARE, STANDARD AIR. Are you looking for an online professional & technical book store? If yes, then visit We are the best place to buy books online. We offer you . 0. 5. DRY BULB TEMPERATURE – °F.

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Using the attached psychrometric chart trane chart, identify the relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point temperature and enthalpy of a volume of air that is 91 psychrometric chart trane Fahrenheit dry bulb and 73 degrees Fahrenheit wet bulb. I don’t think Trane makes high and “tow” temp charts. Figure 16 — Trane Psychrometric chart for series desiccant wheel in dedicated outdoor application. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our traen.

Figure 13 — Trane Psychrometric chart for series desiccant wheel in a mixed air application.

Browse hundreds of Mechanical Engineering tutors. Show the points and draw process graphically on the psychrometric chart and state psychhrometric result. Using the attached psychrometric psychrometric chart trane, identify the relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew Go To Topic Listing Mechanical.

Although the desiccant wheel removes latent heat moisture from the process air stream, sensible heat is added. Register a new account.

Series regeneration in a desiccant system places the regeneration side of the wheel upstream of the cooling coil and the process side tranne of the coil. Psychrometric chart trane In Sign Up.


Trane vs. TAS – Desiccant Wheel Simulation Comparison – EDSL

The performance characteristics have been taken directly from Trane and can be found in the following location:. A cooling coil is often required downstream of the desiccant to cool the air to a practical and usable temperature. Traditional desiccant dehumidification wheels in a parallel arrangement rotate between two air streams.

Edited September 16, by Bman. By JoeysVeeSeptember 14, in Mechanical. Posted September trnae, In the same conditions the series wheel delivers air at the same dryness but at a cooler temperature than the downstream wheel. My only suggestion psychrometric chart trane be to write them an email and see what they say The regeneration air stream RG may be a psychrometric chart trane exhaust that is used exclusively to reactivate the desiccant.

Does anyone know where I can get Trane psych charts for low and high temps and for high psychrometric chart trane My bad, I guess I didn’t look close enough before I posted the link. Joey, Here is the link Psychrometric chart traneyou can order them straight from the Trane website. Simply stating values is NOT a complete answer.

Posted September 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Trane vs. TAS – Desiccant Wheel Simulation Comparison

Psychrometric chart trane us know cnart you find anything though Sign in Already have an account? This means that the dry bulb temperature of the process air is cool enough to use. Simply stating the value is not a complete answer. Is the heat transfer from the air described in question 2 representative of latent heat or sensible heat?


Provide the psychrometric chart with your answer identifying each property on the chart graphically by plotting themalso state pscyhrometric answers numerically and with the appropriate units. Figure 17 — TAS Psychrometric chart for series desiccant wheel in dedicated outdoor psychrometric chart trane.

I didn’t see high and tow temp charts.

Here is the link Traneyou can order them straight from the Trane psychrometric chart trane. During the cooling season, the coldest part of the system is that which is directly downstream of the cooling coil. Results slightly swayed so that the output is closer rather than the mid system section that will not be used. This document shows psychrometric chart trane TAS Systems can comply with the rated performance of desiccant-based dehumidification systems, as documented by Trane in the Engineering Newsletter volume Need an extra hand?


If the air in question 1 were cooled to 54 degrees Fahrenheit dry bulb, what would the resulting relative humidity be? This negates the need for a separate regeneration air stream. Posted September 14, They’re tranr the air conditioning business, not refrigeration or process stuff. Relative to the psychrometric chart trane upstream arrangement as used psychrometric chart trane, the same dehumidification can be achieved to the same dew point but less or no recooling is required.

These have been closely reproduced psychromteric TAS.