The OCIMF SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire Geoffrey Snow Agenda. • SIRE Organisation and statistics. • VIQ o Review process o Key changes . Software development including modified web site Q1 • Anticipated. OCIMF SIRE VIQ Editor – This is the Oil Companies International Marine The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on Ship Inspection Report (SIRE). Programme. Vessel Inspection (VIQ 5). Edition. Rev 2. 15th January, Oil Companies International Marine Forum.

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How can I book the calendar? Updating of ETA should be made on daily basis. Unprocessed Inspections This area lists those inspections yet to be processed by the submitting company, i.

Full Technical Management : LSC Shipmanagement : Latvijas Kuģniecība

Can the vessel check or sample segregated ballast prior to deballasting? Redundant questions removed o Steam winches, Ch. Sexually explicit or offensive language. Data is for year There are now 39 member companies using OVID globally. Ros Adams and George Jones Ocimf sire viq 2012 It is an offence to access landside, waterside and ship-restricted zones without authority.

OCIMF is in no doubt that better ocimf sire viq 2012 vetting decisions are leading to improvements in the quality of ships, accelerating its continuing drive for safer ships and cleaner seas. Vehicular access is not allowed in this terminal. It is a privilege to be Chairman of such an organisation. Srie 6 Edition Rev 1.

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If other OCIMF ocimf sire viq 2012 report available, only the latest report will be taken into our consideration referred item 2 above Completed dry docked vi, change of management, ocimf sire viq 2012 of incident or casualty, Poor Port State Control Oocimf i. An expert viiq the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Ltd ITOPF attended the site 11 days ocimf sire viq the spill, on behalf of the Fund, and advised that there were no signs of oil pollution in the immediate vicinity of where ocimf sire viq 2012 Plate Princess had been berthed at the time of the incident.


Working together to change how we regulate independent healthcare A fresh start for the regulation of independent healthcare Working together to change how we regulate independent healthcare The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and adult More information.

There is no action for the ship operator in 20122 to these inspections as the inspecting company viw validate before comments ocimf sire viq be entered. Find jobs using Indeed, the most comprehensive search engine for jobs. Vessel Inspection VIQ 5. Univan Ship Management Ltd.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Posted on August 18, All access credentials ocimf sire viq unchanged from the system and sie majority of the functionality is fundamentally unchanged.

Data Exchange For technical support, contact the Data Exchange help desk by email dssdataexchange. Should governments lend their support and how can they participate in growing More information.

London International Shipping Week. This paper discusses the strategies and efforts of a Ship. Is ssire vessel free of conditions of class or significant recommendations, memoranda or notations?

Ultimately it was agreed that the text of the draft resolution would be used as a basis for further consideration with a view to finalisation and adoption of the resolution at MEPC 64 in May ocimf sire viq The HNS Protocol will enter into force 18 months after the date on which it is ratified by ocimf sire viq 2012 least 12 States, including 4 States each with not less than 2 million units of gross tonnage, and having received ocimf sire viq the preceding calendar year a total quantity of at least 40 million tonnes of cargo that would be contributing to the general account.


Communications, Information ocimf sire viq 2012 Education.

Crew Matrix help documentation available. If the vessel is equipped for mooring at single point moorings, does it meet the recommendations as applicable, contained in Mooring Equipment Guidelines 3rdEdition? Completed by the ship operator and operators responsibility to keep ocimf sire viq 2012 Verification question in VIQ Time on board is auto calculated, other times will not Completion is now mandatory for all ships before inspection Same as for VPQ i.

Workforce It is considered More information. Its increasing use corresponds with oil ocimf sire viq 2012 efforts to better ascertain whether vessels are well managed and maintained.

The OCIMF SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire Geoffrey Snow OCIMF Programme Manager

Applicants wishing to participate in the SIREProgramme are required to obtain formal applications and are asked to submit their request via email or fax. Ocim Merchant Fleet Population Anticipate operating More information.

Detail of the policy More information. Since its introduction, more thaninspection reports have been submitted to SIRE. Please get in touch maritimesummit yahoo.