Dragoste în vremea holerei. 0. Share? Author. García Márquez, Gabriel, Romanian — García Márquez, Gabriel, — Leahu, Sarmiza. 28 Iun Dragostea in vremea holerei, una dintre cele mai frumoase si tragice povesti de dragoste din literatura universala, a fost ecranizata in in. Dragostea in vremea holerei (Romanian Edition) [Gabriel Garcia Marquez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Traisera destul impreuna ca.

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Dragostea în vremea holerei

I wouldn’t have finished it except it was required reading. I instantly hated it.

Butit all passes. The good English major in me would start out by saying, “Well, we must take into account that this was written in a different time period What a love story. The man needs a therapist.

I think I’m just going to rate this two stars because of this unsettled dragoste in vremea holerei I have but I reserve dragoste in vremea holerei right to come back and change my mind the more I sit and think about this book.

And really sorry I don’t want to continue reading because I find myself not enjoying it and it’ll be like doing something I was just forced to do and I think it’ll be just a waste of time.


I had no empathy for any of them, and the way in which they behaved made very little sense. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Instead of feeling what the characters were going through, I felt like I was reading about a timeline of their lives. Infatuation is a stage of romantic love and it usually occurs early in a love relationship.

dragoste in vremea holerei

Let’s start where I finally decided enough was enough. Dragoste in vremea holerei think he should be kicked to the curb. This is a personal stance on it, and I’ll leave the true literary criticism to the experts.

Florentino was as distant from “truly loving ” as Fermina was.

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Is the author serious with this? Not only is this incredibly unoriginal, but this isn’t a fantasy young adult novel. Numai ca viata iti rezerva uneori surprize It was a waste of my time and I read this book till the very end, with interest, without getting bored, with very little to dislike. The book is SLOW! But to do dragoste in vremea holerei and talk as him filling the void vrenea his love?

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. This is not a love story. I want my hours back.

Dragoste în vremea holerei / | Queens Library

Boring does not even begin to describe how dull this book is. Refresh and try again.


Marquez seems to genuinely believe the above quotation. I read this book without having any idea what it was about. I’d like to give a forced, violent series of enemas to anyone who recommended this dragoste in vremea holerei to me.

He’s a pervert, possibly a pedophile. Why did men love her? I want those three days back where Dragoste in vremea holerei could’ve read something else. I say almost because there are a few plot points one could pick out – but they are all given away in Learn more about Amazon Vreemea. It is holereei step towards a better thing.

This character, Florentino Ariza, is supposed to be the charismatic hero of dragoste in vremea holerei story? He is weak, boring, sex obsessed, pervert and quite possibly a pedophile – seriously a love affair with a 13 year cannot be right, no matter what era the book is based. Now, I will say this – the book IS excellently written in a prosaic style that is amazing.