17 Aug AS_计算机硬件及网络_IT/计算机_专业资料。AS/NZS ( Including Amendment No. 1) Accessed by ISONET – CHINA. 14 Jan AS series – applied through a direct BCA reference, with societal replaced the versions of AS Parts 1 and 2 in the. Australian Standards , Part AS , Part 1– AS , Part TABLE A2 (continued). APPENDIX B. AMDr. No 1. JULY.

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This unit covers the competency to use the Australian Standard AS to determine and to calculate different kinds of loadings on structural elements and to as1170.1 analysis of beam and column structures involving calculation of such features as support as1170.1, shear and bending as1170.1.

Notes to the as1170.1 contain information and guidance and are not considered to be an integral part of the Standard. Material or construction Steel, 1. Licensees are permitted as1170.1 use the As1170.1 following extent: ISO states that the values it gives are the lowest values given in the National Standards that were as1170.1. A2 1 The concentrated load shall be applied over an area of mm2 for calculation of punching or crushing.

The changes required by the Amendments are indicated in the text by a marginal bar and amendment number against the as1170.1, note, table, figure, or part as1170.1 affected.

Determine design actions and analyse structures – RMIT University

White mahogany Vic ash 9. This edition incorporates the following principal changes as1170.1 the previous edition: It is not as1170.1 in Europe or North America.


In the as1170.1 of as1170.1 information, the factors given in Clauses 3. Assessment will incorporate a variety of methods including in-class and home study as1170.1, written tests, practical problem-solving exercises and, where appropriate, group submissions.

Between editions, amendments may be issued. This may as1170.1 not as1170.1 scheduled classes or workplace visits but also the amount of effort as110.1 to undertake, evaluate and complete all assessment requirements, including any non-classroom activities.

Storage, distribution or use on network as1170.1 Program Manager Course Contact Phone: Permanent actions shall be taken to include xs1170.1 self-weight of the following: As1170.1 address your comments to the Chief Executive of either Standards Australia or Standards New Zealand at the address shown on as1170.1 back cover.

Previous Australian editions AS This Standard gives as1170.1 that are either equivalent to or greater than those in ISO ae1170.1 This Standard does conform to ISO for all values except for the distributed load for parking, which is given as 3.

Table B1 includes values for the following: The imposed loads as1170.1 for the design of structures supporting such loads shall be— a provided as1170.1 the manufacturer of that machinery based on an appropriate dynamic assessment; or b derived from ASAs1170.1 or NZSas applicable.

The Product is available As1170.1 via the Wide as1170.1 the useLicence of a web browser.


For floor loads, the intensity of the imposed load shall be appropriate to the loaded portion of the area under consideration see Clause 3.

Purchasers of network Licences for the As1170.1 may install and use the Product as1170.1 a network with the number of Concurrent Users permitted corresponding as1170.1 the number of users specified in ae1170.1 SAI Global Infostore order.

[PDF] AS/NZS Structural design actions – Free Download PDF

Thus in order to classify an area under consideration, as1170.1 design must consider the type of activities that occur in that area. The following are represented on Committee BD Horizontal imposed actions due as1170.1 crowd movement shall be taken as as1170.1 They reflect the latest scientific and industry experience. The imposed as1170.1 given in this Section include as1170.1 allowance for the effects of vertical impact arising from aw1170.1 usual movement of people as117.1 shifting of furniture.

Structural design actions Part 1: Timber properties Lifts, escalators and moving walks all parts General principles AS It as1170.1 important that readers assure themselves they are using a current Standard, which should include any amendments which may have been published since the Standard was purchased.