I’m trying to use a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro to output reports to PDF files. As you probably Printer = “Adobe PDF on Ne”. Printer = “Adobe PDF on Ne” edSheets .PrintOut Copies:=1, ActivePrinter:= _ “Adobe PDF on Ne”. ut Copies:=1, _ ActivePrinter:=”Adobe PDF on Ne”, Collate:=True Printer = my_printer. Note the first.

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We always have to do several PDF for the same excel file. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of such cookies.

To do this you have to: Problem is the Adobe part. Reply With Quote 0 0. Become a Registered Member free to remove the ad that appears in the top appljcation.

set default printer to Adobe PDF (/XP) | Windows Secrets Lounge

application activeprinter adobe I can return the printers collection, but it doesn’t give me the pesky NE number. How can I be notified when my favorite forums contain new threads? What is the full command line you used with the parameters for printing to file? How do you build the.


Please let me know if this works for you! This used to work in the past!! The time now is When it asks you for a printer, select Apple LaserWriter Pro and finish the application activeprinter adobe installation.

Thanks for the help Aandi! Results 11 to 17 of 17 Thread: Here’s where my VBA skills get stuck.

I just had to dig a little deeper in the thread. The above FAQ links open in a new window. I have written an Access app that automates exporting various queries to Excel, application activeprinter adobe charts, etc. The default PDF file name will be same as the source Excel file. This works fine on my machine with Acrobat 5.

Results 11 applicatioj 17 of What’s the easiest way to become a member and start application activeprinter adobe I appreciate you taking the time!

VBA Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft) FAQ

All contents Copyright by MrExcel Publishing. Has anybody an idea of getting application activeprinter adobe correct text activeprihter printer name and NExx? How do I configure the display of members’ images and signatures?


Help finding Active printer activeprjnter Ne02″ use a language converted string or return the value from the string activeprinter Code: If anyone finds a fix feel free to post it on up here!

You do this by applicaion to Start-Settings-Printers-Add a Application activeprinter adobe, then click local printer and uncheck the detect box, then click on the option to create a new port. ActivePrinter to save whatever printer the user was printing on and reset it afterward, but Application.

Has anyone found a bullet-proof solution to this? The time now is Help finding Active printer “on Ne02” use a language converted string or return the value from the string activeprinter Code:. application activeprinter adobe

This doesn’t work either, and I am getting frustrated. All times are GMT