Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Thank you to all those who contributed below. I’ll try to get autohotkey to work again with this. Some people have reported being able to skip steps Luckily, I’m rarely in such a hurry that I can’t hit the toggle between using the Fang and typing! Hi, another merc stealth user injured by windows update. I would happily buy a new keyboard but apparently the only gaming keyboards are “what color do you want the WSAD keys painted and what LED’s do you want”.

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Merc Stealth Zboard not working after Windows 10 KB – Microsoft Community

Select the checkbox for “Place all certificates in the following store” and click “Browse Like the buttons for mail programm etc. Thanks for the fix. So to hopefully get some answer from Steelseries I opened a support ticket jerc them. I’ve had people report that their z merc keyboard have been in all kinds of weird places in their device manager, but it’s most frequently found in Human Interface Devices.

Thank you very much for this fix. This is the default layout. This way could potentially not be safe It’s Baseline is to z merc keyboard automatic update. Tried this fix, and it keyboarx of worked.


W opens my browser etc. Update broke it for me too. I’ve moved to a Corsair mechanical keyboard and z merc keyboard the Zboard didn’t give me any advantage in games.

Z merc keyboard the update my Fang stopped working. The underside of the MERC. I think I had to do this too. So whilst it’s nice to be able to have the freedom of a wireless keyboard, from my point of view it’s better to have the reliability that a corded keyboard offers, particularly when gaming.

My Merc Z Z merc keyboard is not working. The driver is under the legacy section near the bottom of the keboard.

Sounds good to me, and s me tell you, although it’s a rather subjective thing, it definitely works. Unfortunately, the link you provided just goes to an MS search page. Because Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to just turn off automatic updates like previous models. I had a few issues z merc keyboard to execute inf2cat.

KB stop my zfang detection by z-engine. All the credit to ZathJD http: I think it has to be the quick load and quick save buttons as I can never remember which key it is, it seems to change from game to game. Not sure if i misunderstood something wrong here, excuse if its so. After restart I reinstalled z merc keyboard 64 bit driver from their site: Once you get AHK installed, it’s a pretty basic script to re-map the keys:.

Unfortunately z merc keyboard after successful install it still isn’t working. Reboot your PC to make sure the ZBoard engine software uses the newly installed device and use your ZBoard the way you always emrc Aug 4, 1. Just using AHK should 1 be okay; it’s not z merc keyboard keystrokes before the OS level, so as far as the game knows you’re just hitting the ‘m’ key instead of the ‘g’ meyboard or what-have-you.

You have to enable test logging which, yeah, is z merc keyboard and force the drivers to mount by uninstalling the old ones. It’s a new product from a company called Ideazon who previously brought us the Z-Board.

To clarify – you can put the unzipped kernel2k folder anywhere.