Neither of which were very useful since I needed to point it downward. It includes both an AC Adapter for charging as well as a cigarette lighter charger. From an astronomical use perspective, the LED is amber not red. Installs in seconds with the included wrench. The rate of focus adjustment can be adjusted by selecting the numbered keys , 1-slow to 9-fast. This model has two red and two white more bluish than white LEDs.

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To purchase this product go to the following website: The only complaint I have is that the rectangular cross-section of the flashlight makes it aol photocam uncomfortable to hold in the mouth than a small tube-style flashlight! aol photocam

Aol photocam bouncing causes the image to move about. Of course, M31 is easy to find visually but right now its almost straight up so its a real backbreaker to try to line it up through the finder.

Unfortunately, the lens cap does not mount aol photocam the Dew Shield so you have to remove the shield to replace the lens cap for protection. My neighbors come over when they see me out. After charging up the batteries I first tried them on the hand controller for two evenings with no problems. The main reasons I chose the Max over the mini-max or micro-max were 1 It can perform aol photocam alignment using any 2 objects in its library over 12, of them including planets and 2 it aol photocam an RS port so that it aol photocam interface with planetarium software such as “The Sky”.

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The table top is 30×30 inches and I have found that with such a unit observing even on the wettest of nights can continue unhampered.

Likewise, doing so could move the celestial object off center in the aol photocam or aol photocam out of the eyepiece altogether occasionally and could cause the celestial object to blur due to minute vibrations, making the job of focusing that much more demanding.

It aol photocam a couple of holes in it, one of which fit over the center post of my tripod. And if it is cloudy you could plug in a 13 inch TV and watch Phogocam or a coffee pot to warm yourself on a cold night. aol photocam

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I had never had the opportunity to view deep sky objects before but this unit made them easy and fun to locate. You must use the allen wrench that came with your ETX to remove the stock focusing knob and once removed the FlexiFocus is aol photocam and quickly installed phoocam the scopes focusing shaft.

Thanks, Mike, for a great site. The design and manufacture of the ETX telescope itself is of such high quality that I aol photocam I had expected aol photocam from the electric focuser.

Photoam have both the 90 and the and for aol photocam dollars they sent me a coupler that interchanged with the ETX so I can now use it on both scopes. The case and table weigh 10lbs. Although it was a big improvement over the original focusing knob, there is still a tremendous amount of vibration. Unlike other dew shields for aol photocam ETX series that either slip or screw-on to the OTA, the Astrozap dew shield can be retracted all the way lhotocam on the tube to allow the lens aol photocam to be replaced when the telescope is not in use see the photo on the right.

Replacement unit has worked flawlessly. I had little trouble installing the unit, since I’ve got some aoo with electronic assembly. Unfortunately, it is now impossible to get the OTA to go beyond 60 aol photocam declination with the focuser motor’s power cord in place. His commitment to keeping me aol photocam satisfied customer is quite evident, even when it is not his unit at fault. I did however have one gripe. photocsm

I mentioned in my aol photocam post about the 8x RA slew pohtocam and how it seemed slow to me. The only 2 things negatives are a TINY bit of chromatic aberration photicam the edges during bright sunlight and the lack of a set screw to keep it from rotating.

If you are looking for a versatile high quality LED flashlight at a reasonable cost, check out the Aol photocam mini from Rigel Systems. Now they can phottocam easily.

If you want to use the slow-motion knob manually rather than with the MSII, slipping the belt off first might be a good idea. Installation consists of removing the right-hand declination circle, screwing in a brass adaptor, and attaching the encoder. First, I highly recommend an aol photocam corrector warmer such as the Kendrick and Scopetronixs units; they are very effective and if phktocam between low and medium will Phottocam interfere with high power observe by way of heat currents.

In addition, a good dew shield is aol photocam not only for dew, but for these collective reasons: Il n’est pas possible de comparer plus de 5 logiciels.

This results in the knob being mounted slightly canted from the axis of the shaft, however, it does not affect the feel of the focusing as the knob is turned. The photo on the left shows the legs collapsed and the top rolled up.