Dothan was a city both in Israel and in Alabama. The second-generation Celeron processor. Slot 1 , FX Natoma chipset. Intel DH61CR desktop motherboard. Triton II [19] [20]. Intel’s “next-generation communications platform,” a scheme for network processing.

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Successor to Truland, in favor of the cancelled Reidland. Intel DXBC desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; see Blackford disambiguation for possibilities. Originally intended as a stand-alone graphics product, but now relegated to HPC research projects.

Reference unknown; see Coppermine disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DQ67OW desktop motherboard. Xeon, Pentium M [29].

Renamed to Sandy Bridge after it was discovered that Gesher is also the name of a political inntel in Israel. Intel DH67GD desktop motherboard. Successor to Bearlake on the desktop and Seaburg on the server. Has intel 845g 845gl 845ge 845gv dual-core dies in a single package for a total of four cores.

Whitefielda suburb of Bangalore, India. Based on the Rimon controller chip. Views Read Edit View history. Appalachian Mountains region of the United States. Slot 2NX chipset. Calistogaa city in Napa County, California.

List of Intel chipsets

Infel to Cougar Point. Intel DQ35JO intel 845g 845gl 845ge 845gv motherboard. Probably named after Mount Katmaia volcano in the Katmai Park in Alaska, the site of a colossal eruption.

Reference unknown; see Danbury disambiguation for possibilities. Based on the EX chipset. Probably Orion constellation or Orion Nebula.

Aimed at the high-performance computing segment. Probably named 8845ge Intel 845g 845gl 845ge 845gv, Alabama. The Series chipsets were introduced along with Coffee Lake processors, which use the LGA socket; the enthusiast model was released in the last quarter of[61] the rest of the line will be released in Microserver platform built around the Centerton Atom processor.

ATX form factor, Slot 1chipset Camino. Views Read Edit View history. ATX form factor, SocketE chipset. High-end server platform based on the Ivy Bridge -EX intel 845g 845gl 845ge 845gv.

Possibly named after McCreary County, Kentucky. Half-width two-socket server motherboard designed in cooperation with Facebook as part of the Open Compute Project.

Intel 84g desktop motherboard. Xeon E7 series CPUs, aimed at dual-socket servers. Intel DG33BU desktop motherboard. Intel 845g 845gl 845ge 845gv voltage regulator chip to accompany the Silverthorne CPU.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

Kyrene is a settlement in the state of Arizona. Intel DH77DF desktop motherboard. The city of Atlanta, Georgia. Intel and series mobile chipsets, used with Pentium 4 CPUs.

List of Intel codenames

Core i series, Core i series, and Xeon series, all quad-core. Ninth generation Centrinoa mobile platform combining the Haswell processor with the Lynx Point chipset. Supports the Sandy Bridge -E processor. Intel intel 845g 845gl 845ge 845gv, for use in four-socket servers with the Xeon and series Tigerton and series Dunnington CPUs. Intel S series two-socket motherboards, for use in rack-mount servers. Intel DZ68ZV desktop motherboard. Part of the Calpella Centrino platform.