Set Input Settings according to the document or purpose. Open this window to scan film from the Platen. Specify the save settings. Important In Windows , Internet Explorer 5. After previewing images, click Thumbnail on the Toolbar. Darkened Original image Brightened

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Make sure that the documents are placed correctly on the Platen. Page You can create multiple cropping frames and apply different scan settings to each cropping frame. Select a resolution from the options displayed by clicking the button, or enter a value within the range of 25 dpi canon 2580c wia dpi in 1 dpi increments.

Select this to remove major dust canon 2580c wia scratches. 25800c

Windows 7 64-bit Drivers

Canon 2580c wia Source The type of document to be scanned is displayed. Password security settings Select this checkbox to open the Password Security -Settings dialog box in which you can set passwords for opening, editing and printing created PDF files.

Canon 2580c wia you click Scan, only the portion within the cropping frame will be scanned and passed to canob application. Page Grain Correction may not be effective if the scan area is too small. To save in a format other than PDF, scan by specifying the file format. Vivid Photo Select this checkbox to print the image in vivid colors. Note When multiple pages are selected, a multiple-page PDF file is created. Adjusting Histogram Tone Curve Settings Adjust the brightness of an image by selecting the type of graph tone curve showing canon 2580c wia balance of You can adjust the image’s overall brightness or contrast, and adjust its highlight and shadow values histogram or balance tone curve.

The density of these dots is called “resolution”, and resolution will determine the amount of detail your image contains. Color Select this mode to scan color documents or film, or to create color images. Click Open Camon to open this guide if it is installed. Page Allows you to select and add an existing PDF file.

Display Preview Image Preview Performs a trial scan. Click Save to save. Shadows may not be corrected properly depending on the document.

Scanning wi a WIA driver 1. Don’t have canon 2580c wia account? Specify the recipient, enter the subject and message, then send e-mail. Page Set Output Settings.


Displays the selected printer’s advanced setting screen. Film may be out of position. Correct slanted document Select this checkbox to detect the scanned text and correct the angle within Use Edit Tools to rotate images, xanon a part of canon 2580c wia image, etc. Passwords are deleted once the file is edited. If the lighting in the scene is unusual i. Canon 2580c wia Specific Categories Displays categories containing images, along with the contained images.

Open this window to scan film from the Platen. Cancel Cancels the specified settings. Make sure that the machine is turned on.

Canon 4207B002 On-screen Manual

The color tone may cajon from the source image due to corrections. Note To cancel while printing, select the printer icon on the taskbar and click Cancel Printing. Note Select this checkbox when Document Type is text document and show-through is apparent in the scanned image.

Exit other applications and try again. Wi If you are logged canon 2580c wia to an administrator account, click Continue or Allow Yes in Windows 7 to continue. All documents with selected check boxes are printed. Move the slider of canon 2580c wia item you want to adjust and set the effect level.

The right half of the document is scanned. Rotate Left Rotates the target image outlined in orange 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

Page 75 Note The setting items in the Print Document dialog box vary by printer. Page 47 Save the scanned images.

Scanning Film in Advanced Mode When you select a qia type, colors are adjusted based on the Unsharp Mask function or document type. Caution Instructions that, if ignored, could result in personal injury or material damage caused by canon 2580c wia operation of the equipment. Allows you to select an application to start.