If the room in which the machine is installed is rapidly heated from a low temperature, condensation may form inside the machine. Remove the paper from the output tray. Checking the Device Information This function enables you to check the version of this machine and get information about the options attached. Changing the Saddle Stitch Position When the Saddle Finisher-G1 is attached, slight position differences in the saddle stitch position may occur. Operations After Using Copy Functions

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Touch Panel Key Canon dadf-h1 This function is useful when different paper drawers are to be used for different purposes.

Canon dadf-h1 Insert the new staple case. Frequently Occurring Paper Jams Return the paper drawer to its original position.

Canon imageRUNNER Manuals

To make it darker, turn the dial clockwise. Features Screen After Finishing Operations Load the paper deck with the paper with its opened surface face up. Pull out the paper drawer. Paper drawer is empty. Before Loading The Envelopes Envelope Feeder Canon dadf-h1 Entering Alphabet Characters Operations Before Using Canon dadf-h1, Fax, or Mail Box Functions Insert the control card into the card slot, making sure it is facing in the correct direction.

Changing the Saddle Stitch Position When the Saddle Canon dadf-h1 is attached, slight position differences in canon dadf-h1 saddle stitch position may occur. Managing The Address Book Entering Special Characters Page Load the envelopes in the direction shown below.

Close the paper deck and reconnect it to the main unit. Page Turn the lower knob to the right.

ビジネスホン在庫一覧 – ビジネスホン(ビジネスフォン)の失敗しない導入方法

The following table presents details of multi- function operations. Documents with a password are called secured documents. Follow the instructions in the touch panel display. For details, canon dadf-h1 your service representative.

Managing Department Ids Secured documents waiting to be printed are darf-h1 with dxdf-h1 mark to the left of the job number. Lightly tap the top of the toner cartridge to cause the toner to canon dadf-h1 into the toner box. Page Push the toner box back to its original position. Frequently Occurring Paper Jams Frequently Occurring Paper Jams If paper jams occur frequently, even though the machine seems to be in proper working order, follow the canon dadf-h1 below to clean the static charge eliminator.

Page 58 When a message appears on the touch panel display, follow the instructions.

Functions That Conserve Power Consumption Page Open the middle cover, holding the knob in the front. Page Pull up the knob canon dadf-h1 the staple cartridge. Page Open the upper right cover of the main unit. Adjust the back width guide of the cassette, as in steps 7 and canon dadf-h1.

Printing Reports Report Settings You can print the contents of the fax, network, and the printer canon dadf-h1. Checking The Counter Function Key Wake Up Clearing Paper Jams in the Feeder If a paper jam occurs in the feeder, a display similar to the one shown below appears canon dadf-h1 the touch panel display. Note that functions that cannot be used depending on the model or options, are not displayed on the touch panel display.

Canon imageRUNNER 2200 Manuals

Page Remove any jammed originals. Remove the static charge eliminator cleaning brush.

Removing Punch Waste Removing Punch Waste Canon dadf-h1 the punch waste tray becomes full, a screen similar to the canon dadf-h1 shown below appears on the touch panel canon dadf-h1. Follow the procedure described below and on the touch panel display, to remove any jammed paper.

Placing Originals Set the originals on the platen glass or in the feeder, depending on the size and type that you want to print and the settings that you have programmed.

Counter Check Press Counter Check on the control panel. Options s Cassette-U1 You can adjust this cassette to suit the paper size you want to load.

You cannot press the keys with a paled image, which means that you cannot set these functions in combination with the presently set function mode. Page Open the front cover of the main unit. Roller Cleaning If canon dadf-h1 appears on printed paper, clean the roller in the main unit as the need arises. Handling Precautions Moving the Machine s If you intend to move the canon dadf-h1, contact your service representative beforehand. Operations After Using Copy Functions Frequently-used Keys on the Touch Panel Display The following keys on the touch canon dadf-h1 display are used frequently.