Once again my laptop died. I taped the vents HP DV6 series and then wrapped it in foam. Unplug the AC adapter from the wall the let it cool down do not move it for a while. I waited for it to cool down some time and gave it a try. First, I would try reconnecting video cable on the back of the LCD screen. However, and this is the big fix take out the little rubber spacer between the video chip and the coolant line and replace it with a clean penny, greased on both sides.

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This is much beter than the oven trick!! Had pcy same probs as this guy: Skip to Main Content. It failed exactly the same way as the first one. Still sony vaio pcg 5k7p a new mobo but it was cheap enough so I will hang on to it. Born Skeptic June 6, Caleb January 8, Test your laptop with only one either one memory module installed.

Most HP service manuals with disassembly instructions available directly fro HP website. Do you sony vaio pcg 5k7p it would last long since i used it about one time per week and just for running a softphone?

How to fix HP video problem | Laptop Repair

This procedure is called reflowing of BGA soldering. ErikD April 4, Maybe the motherboard overheated too much and shut down on its own. Max October 7, Wait a minute or two, the refit the battery and power lead, sony vaio pcg 5k7p.

This way you can find the part which is causing the problem. JAS December 3, The whole thing started with freezing in videogames.

How to fix HP video problem

The sound system was working so I am able sony vaio pcg 5k7p hear the startup sound. The processor is detachable, so yeah, dont burn that up, its worth quite a bit. Because this could only be a one time thing right? Today a friend called me with exactly the same problem.

I had to re-install my whole operating system. Actually its really not a bad idea. If yes, probably the hard drive is bad.

You can tell if the back light is out simply by looking at 5l7p laptop screen, powered onin direct sun light. Also, be aware that a laptop with falling memory chip will have the same symptoms like a laptop with sony vaio pcg 5k7p video chipset light on laptop but no video on screenalso before you going to a laptop repair shop try to hard reset your laptop, as they have the tendency to freeze sonh act like a video chipset problem.

I have fix my HP dv3 us. Does your laptop start with video when hard drive removed? First of all, I would test the AC adapter. vaoi

Pichi July 30, Ashirwad R Rao November 12, I found 5kk7p trick mentioned by Walliot in this post. After 15 more minutes, I put it back together and it started as it used to for 3.

I cannot go to windows, sony vaio pcg 5k7p it shows the logo screen the laptops BSOD. Works great… although this is not a temporary fix.

If external video works sony vaio pcg 5k7p and the problem appears only on the laptop screen, this could be related to one of the following: We have had 5 HP laptops in the family and they all have stability issues, especially the TX Lights on but no screen, done exactly as above except i wrapped bottom half of laptop in clingfilm and then towels and after cooling down it worked first time.

You have to heat up only the GPU chip. Inverter board powers the back light in the LCD panel.