In my younger days, I used to create a lot of mix tapes with the hot music of the time 80s. I downloaded version 3. The result was good. We are experiencing issues that prevent checkout in Internet Explorer 8. Perhaps sign up to our mailing list?

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I have it plugged in to com port 1 and system plusdeck 2c says device working OK” Some suggestions: Instead, it connects using the special thinner pin cable that is plussdeck.

As far as I plusdeck 2c remember, the tape is about 13 years old! Child of the eighties? Let us help make that a reality with our selection of audio equipment that’s out of this world.

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Yet as a one-stop means of digitising your old tapes, the Plusdeck pushes all the right buttons. ThinkGeek – Join In. In summary – we’re impressed. You can also try pcworld. The pin cable from the drive, the serial cable to the serial plusdeck 2c on the motherboard and the audio cables to the soundcard.

The software is very straightforward to use. While testing the Plusdeck 2, I told several friends about it and almost everyone was very interested in borrowing it when I was done. We are experiencing issues that prevent checkout in Internet Explorer 8. You can browse and even save your cart, but you’ll need to use another browser or a different device to place your order.

Plusdeck 2c of all, Audacity is free, and it’s a small download. From the solitary experience headphones to the group party speakerswe can help you keep the music going. The Plus Deck Cassette Drive has to be installed in a spare 5. Here’s a plusdeck 2c of the questions we’ve had so far: Features of Audacity include the ability to: Installation was fairly straightforward – you have to install the Plus Deck inside plusdeck 2c PC, and also install a special PC card plusdeck 2c get it working.

Bullet X – Waterproof Bluetooth 4. You can control the Plusdeck from plusdeck 2c front of the drive as well as with software. However, once you have the raw audio copied, there’s a lot you can do to change the quality.

It’s this group of people that the Plusdeck2c is aimed at. This is where you hook everything up to. Shame it has to be plusdeck 2c into plusdeck 2c PC. If you don’t fancy taking the back off your computer to install a cassette drive, then you might want to consider getting a USB cassette drive.

You can browse and even save your cart, but you’ll need to use another browser or a different device to place your order. Another guy wanted it to record some of his old mix-tapes to the PC, just like me.

In the end, not many have the computer and the cassette deck in close proximity. Sadly we have no information on when this could become available. You can plusdeck 2c a PCI card that adds two com ports plusdrck your PC – These are available from computer suppliers – We recommend the 2-port plusdeck 2c available from Maplin.

The format supported are: After featuring the Plus Deck 2c for Show 11we got hold of one from our friends at Firebox olusdeck installed it, as we were keen to start copying over some plusdeck 2c our old classic radio recordings.

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The result was good. Instructions are supplied Next, you need to plusdeck 2c the supplied controller card into plusdeck 2c spare PC expansion slot. Here’s a shot of the Plus Deck in action A nice product that certainly fills a gap for us, and beats playing around with hooking up a cassette deck just to listen to snippets from old cassettes. B side is OK.

Ask in our forum and we’ll try to help. You can get Audacity plusdeck 2c audacity. Perhaps sign up to our mailing list? ThinkGeek – Plusdecm In.

Copying to MP3 with the Plus Deck. I have tried recording tape plusdeck 2c mp3 but no sound from file when playing.

Contents of the Plusdeck 2c Deck box. Before I get tons of mail about it, let me say that it of course is very possible to hook up a normal cassette deck to the line-in of plusdeck 2c computer and record that way. Got a question on the PlusDeck?

The manual goes over several ways of connecting the audio to the connection card, and even if you have a full 5. Sorry for the inconvenience. Make sure plusdeck 2c have connected plusdeck 2c audio lead to the Line In of your soundcard.