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Hill recommended by Mala: I need my 50 Shades of ……… fix!!!!!!!

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The larissa ione lethal reader pdf download main characters both have troubling pasts that raise conflicts like Fifty. For more details, check out my reviews: It also worries me a little that I havent met anyone to share my life with.

She has never been into bdsm before so its very light play. As someone said, Tony main character is Christian and Gideon on steroids. Younger Man, Older Woman. The master duo is lighter. I would recommend Shayla Black Wicked Lovers series. Cross is definitly in my top 6 fantasy men.

So like you, fifty shades? My Top 5 Llarissa Reads Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I didI am so addicted leyhal 50shades that I am shamefully reading it again lol xx.

Gavin Blake is by far my larissa ione lethal reader pdf download fownload guy!!! It reminds me a lot of 50 Shades but mostly like Bared to You. I will definitely have to add the hacker series by Meredith wild and the breathless trilogy by Maya banks. I found this website a couple weeks ago and thanks to everyone I now have a really long reading list. So, I release my feelings about the stories, by writing them down here. One of my co-workers suggested I read Bared to You and I actually surprised larissa ione lethal reader pdf download and myself by liking it better than 50 shades.

Jillian-I am with you. Secrets after dark 3. Theres also Game night another book. No BDSM but still a ,ethal read.

It has an overbearing rich guy just like Christian who falls for larissa ione lethal reader pdf download ballet dancer the first time he sees her but she has issues with his past of how many women hes been with and how possessive he is. Ultimate List of Fighter Books. The series is a really good book to read larissa ione lethal reader pdf download Fifty Shades because it does contain BDSM in it as well as a control freak billionaire that falls for a not as well of beautiful woman.

I did read Bared to You and am looking forward to the sequel to that book. Maybe not the right place to ask but I feel like I read a book review on this site about a woman searching for info about her mom who gets help from her friends brother downloaad happens to be a billionaire and he ends up falling in love with her and protecting her.

February 23, — 1: Or should I say how he woke her as he gave her the kiss that woke her up. Check out my book review here: What to Read After Twilight. I mean… come on… What the heck can live up to Fifty??

What to Read After Fifty Shades

Now however I am having withdrawal symptoms and after reading them all again…considering reading them all a third time, Larisa decided I need a new obsession. Hubby certainly not complaining!! Marcia has a bunch of recommendations for us!

Altogether a good book! Hello ladies, may I introduce myself? I have been having a fifty shades hangover for 3 weeks and no one understood what i was going through. There is isaalso a sequel being written as a mini series now. I just read hardwired and hardpressed part of the hacker series!

I got the first one and regretted not getting all three at the same time. This is a great replacement engine for many …. And my heroines, I like them to be strong and feisty and not totally inexperienced, because though it is exciting to travel along with the larisssa lead as she xperiances new things, but it gets a bit annoying when heroine turns a bushing idiot at the sight of a ,arissa man, and naive, inexperienced heroines usually do that.

I heard a movie is in the works for larissa ione lethal reader pdf download, is it true?!? I ltehal with the Joey W. Also, in May ofR. Fixed on you Found in you Oine with you Hudson the whole story from his point of view I have to say that I was reading the 2. As long as you have book 1 under your belt, you can certainly jump to 4 and not lose anything from the story. Whenever i was seen reading the series, I would always receive rude and ignorant comments from people who readeer never read the books before.

A good roller coaster ride through hot obsession, with some angst, some heart wrench and a buffet of good characters to love and loathe. Thank you for the list!

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Spring is arriving in Knoxville! Thanks Kathryn for reminding me of Joey Hill. Ah yes I have read and reviewed that one. So far there are four books out and the fifth one will be coming out this September