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Online Result of 5 and 8 Class , Sahiwal | Scoopak

Our students face so many problems throughout their educational course that we might consider them as most unguided students in the world. Unfortunately Pakistan is one of those few countries where the quality of educational is continuously declining.

Engineering students are placed as an interns in their field related industries, those who are pursuing education as their careers carried out internship in schools and colleges similarly bank offers the internship to commerce saihwal finance majors degree pursuers.

One can ship anything from any part of the world to the other part of the world in certain amount of time which makes the whole world your market.

Punjab Examination Commission 8th Class Results 2018

Sialkot Board 5th Result 8th Result Technical Varsity calls for admissio Technical institutions are the only way forward to produce the youth with skills which can be widely used in the industrial world. They are looking forward to have a permanent position in the academic institutes. To highlight the sufferings PhD holders have to face after degree in Pakistan which are due to the policies of Higher Education Commission, young doctors of academia held a protest against HEC In the higher commission today at Islamabad.

These are the basic ways to train teachers and make parents aware of the performances of their children and also build up a relation between students, parents and teachers. Earlier the deadline was given out by the PDA organization that their demands should be met by July 20, and if not met then there will be peaceful protest against the HEC policies in front of Parliament house Islamabad for the government to take notice about the most educated elite of the nation.

This surely is a great opportunity for the ladies to grab. Effective education system leads to the growth of a country.

Gujrat Board 5th Result lec Result Rawalpindi Board 5th Result 8th Result The deficiency of guidance is very serious crisis that our students are facing. Sheikhupura Board 5th Result 8th Result This situation is getting worse as the years passing, and the current situation is so bad that our educational system is very close to destruction.

It is a social endeavor which is being managed by the Pakistani ladies and the firm is looking forward to make changes in the field of work and education for Pakistani ladies.

Result of 5 Class and 8 Class 2014, Sahiwal Punjab Board

There is a minimum of 4 to six weeks of internship that is required for a student to perform in his field related jobs. Faisalabad Board 5th Result 8th Result Khushab Board 5th Result 8th Result Attock Board 5th Result 8th Result This is not 0214 website of Punjab Examination Commission.

National Internship Program inaugurated Internship is one of the finest ways for a student to get a chance to taste about how their degrees and fields of studies work in a professional world and what they are expected to bring in the corporate world once they are done with their degrees.

Mianwali Board 5th Result 8th Result In Pakistan education system, the internship is one downloae the prerequisites of any professional degree and any student who fails to have an internship is not rewarded the degree.

For official website visit www. HEC has to place the doctors in the universities where they can spend their 5 years which was the original bondage but what really happening is that the degree holders are placed interim in the filed for one year by HEC and then the candidates have to find work on their own which is causing a difficulty in the job placement.

Rahimyar Khan Board 5th Result 8th Result The problems of our education syste An educational system contain all the institutions that provide pfd education, it donload all government, private, profit and social welfare organization, and their rules and regulations, staff, administration, students, instructors and funds.

PEC Result of 5th and 8th Class Punjab

There is also one downloae to be considered that this is not the ;df time the tech giant has worked in Pakistan for any social enterprise.

The capabilities of students are affected by the lack of supervision and high expectations by their families. They will be able to advertise their items in the major boadr like Lahore and Karachi and then will be able to fownload their market to the smaller regions of the countries.

Keeping this downlpad in mind, the government of Pakistan has recently launched National Internship Program where the students are placed in the public and private sector of firms for internship but obviously the proves is vigorous and through proper screening the students are given the opportunity of internship in their respective fields.

Layyah Board 5th Result 8th Result He mentioned that in the modern world and their parliaments, they have developed a certain research procedures and hire the support staff for legislators but unfortunately Pakistan is far behind in developing these kind of practices. These situations are all result of not applying the up to date evaluation system. Bhakkar Board 5th Result 8th Result Lodhran Board 5th Result 8th Result The representative of PDA in the protest said that there are more than young PhD holders which are struggling hard to find a suitable placement in the Pakistani Universities however they have spent a lot of time and effort in achieving the doctorate degree.

204 Board 5th Result 8th Result The said purpose will be achieved through a number of training which will be conducted by the league. Vehari Board 5th Result 8th Result The career counseling should also be promoted.